What are the Interest Rate and Loan Term

Pag-IBIG housing loans shall be charged with interest rates based on the Fund’s pricing framework. Said interest rates shall be re-priced periodically depending on the chosen re-pricing period of the borrower whether it is after every three (3), five (5), ten (10), or fifteen (15) years.

1.  Interest Rate for Houses bought from Developers

Loan Value up to Php400,000.00 – 4.50% per year

Loan Value up to Php750,000.00 – 6.50% per year

Loan Value over Php750,000.00 –  7.98 % per year

2.  Interest Rate for Retail Housing Loans – Individual Applications

Loan Value up to Php6,000,000.00:

3 yrs. – 7.375%

5 yrs. – 8.250%

10 yrs. – 9.0%

15 yrs. – 9.625%

25 yrs. – 10.25%

20 yrs. – 10.875%

30 yrs. – 11.375%

Note:  Rates may change.  Always check with Pag ibig website.

At the end of the ten-year period, the interest rate shall be re-priced based on the prevailing interest rate in the Fund’s pricing framework or it shall be increased by 2%, whichever is lower. The borrower shall be given the option to choose the succeeding re-pricing period, whether it will be every three (3), five (5), ten (10) or fifteen (15) years.

The base rate for succeeding re-pricing shall be the interest rate for the immediately preceding re-pricing period.

What is the Pag ibig Housing Loan Term

The loan shall be repaid at a maximum term of thirty (30) years and shall, in no case, exceed the difference between the present age and age seventy (70) of the principal borrower.

How Long Is The Repayment Term?

The maximum repayment period for the loan is thirty (30) years.

 What is the Processing Time?

1.  For Individual Housing Loan Application:

Provided the borrrower has submitted all the necessary requirements, the regular processing time for a housing loan application is 15-30 working days.

2.  For Developer Assisted Housing Loan Application:

Provided the borrower has submitted all the necessary requirements, the processing time may take 2-3 mos. depending on the status of house construction.



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