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Palmerston Tanza - Pag-ibig Rent to Own Houses for Sale in Tanza Cavite

Pag-ibig Rent to Own Houses for Sale starting at Php 900K – Php 1.2M

Palmerston North is a two storey townhouse model with 1 toilet & bath and 2 bedrooms located in Brgy. Lambingan, Tanza, Cavite near Antero Soriano Highway. The village is in a very peaceful location with easy access to Manila just 1 ride by Bus or UV Express via Cavitex along a tricycle going to Palmerston North. Easy to own thru Pag-ibig financing, Palmerston’s North proximity will save you much time and make travel less stressful. You will have plenty of time to spend quality bonding with your family. Don't miss out!

About Palmerston North

House Model Palmerston North
House Type Townhouse
Village Name
Condition: Brand New
Lot Area 36 square meter
Floor Area 42 square meter
Bedroom Provision 2
Toilet and Bath 1
Price Range Php 900K – Php 1.2M
Track Record

Palmerston North Sample Computation

Applicant Housing Loan Qualification

  1. Gross salary (husband & wife) meet the required amount.
    If salary is not enough, just get a co-borrower.
  2. Must be legally married to husband or wife.
    If divorce or wedding is annulled, must submit documents as proof.
  3. Multi-purpose loan payment with Pagibig is updated.
  4. Must be a Pagibig member for 2 years.
    If not yet a member, just apply for membership in Pagibig office near you.
  5. Must have paid 24 months contribution.
    If contribution has not reach 24 mos, just pay the balance in lumpsum or one time payment in Pagibig office near you.
  6. Your age is between 21 – 65 yrs. old.
    Must check that loan maturity is up to 70 yrs old only.

Palmerston North Payment, Terms & Conditions

Available Financing/Acceptable Payment Scheme:

  1. Pagibig(HMDF)– Developer will process your loan with Pag-ibig
  2. Cash

2.  Reservation Fee (RF)- Accept Check payments only.  If the buyer has no checking account yet, the buyer can deposit his/her payment in the bank account designated by haumaru. The buyer needs to surrender the original deposit slip to the salesofficer for issuance of a corresponding acknowledgement receipt. Reservation fee is not refundable and not transferable.

3.  Total Contract Price – includes Transfer Title cost

4.  Equity or Downpayment (DP) – Pagibig / Bank / InhouseFinanacing

  • Pagibig  – 1.614% required DP payable in 3monthly installment.  No interest


  • Equity/DP is strictly non refundableand  transferable.

5.  Amortization (MA)  –Pagibig / Bank / Inhouse Finanacing

  • Pagibig  – Up to 30 yrs @ 6.375% interest per year.  Starts after loan take-out.


  • Amortization is not refundable and not transferable.
  • Other terms and conditions apply.

6.  Accredited Banks

  • Pag-ibig Financing only

7.  Schedule of Payments

  • Reservation Fee – valid for 30 days
  • Equity/DP  – 30 days after official reservation
  • Monthly Amortization– after loan take-out byPagibig

Schedule of Payments - If you reserve now – Sept. 2018, your next equity payment will be:

  • Sept. 2018…5,000.00
  • Oct. 2018…3,400.00
  • Nov. 2018…3,400.00
  • Dec. 2018…3,200.00
  • Sept. 2019 – Estimated turnover of the house (1 yr after reservation)
  • Oct. 2019 up to 30 years..Php6,318.55 monthly payment.. Pagibig amortization you will be paying for 30 yrs. You can choose  from 5-25 yrs of amortization. But the amortization will increase, depends on how many years you will avail. Required Income is needed, (husband/wife) combined income is applicable.

8.  Discountsfor Pagibig

9.  Other Fees to Pay Separately

  • Finance Charges-for loan processing and documentation expenses.  To be paid before end of DP term by one time payment or installment
    • Pagibig  – 4% of Total Contract Price
    • Spot Cash – Finance charges are included in Total Contract Price
    • Real Property Tax – to be paid during loan take-out
      • Estimated Amount:Php 1,000.00 good for 2 years
      • Move-in Fees – to be paid 45 days before move-in
        • Estimated Move-in Fee:Php 4,800.00 (pay only once)
        • Buyer must pay before 30 – 45 days before move-in date
        • Move-in Fees are for payment of Meralco & Water connection
        • Construction Bond Amount– to be paid 30 days before start of construction.  This is refundable If there is no damage after construction. The premium of the bond will be deducted.
          • Not fixed amount given. Est. 15,000 – 30,000.

10.  Required Documents During Reservation – No Documents,  No Reservation

  • Locally Employed -  2Valid ID’s, Latest one (1) month payslip, ESAV (must have 24 mos. Contributions with Pagibig), 2 copies Housing Loan Application (w/ Spouse Signature if married), 2 pcs 1×1 ID picture, clear white background
  • OFW -  2Valid ID of Attorney-in-Fact (AIF)/SPA/Representative,Job Contract, Consularized/Red Ribbon Special Power of Attorney (SPA) signed by Buyer & Representative of Buyer or AIF (if OFW)
  • Self-Employed – 2Valid IDs and Latest financial Statement, ESAV (must have 24 mos. Contributions with Pagibig), 2 copies Housing Loan Application (w/ Spouse Signature if married), 2 pcs 1×1 ID picture, clear white background

11.  When can Buyer move-in?

  • Pagibig Financing – Buyers are allowed to move-in only after full equity & loan released.

12.  Restrictions on House Improvement  -Buyer must submit sketches of house improvement to Developer’s office for approval. No deletion on any part of the house is allowed.

13.  Prices of house and lot are not always the same.

  • Price of end unit, corner lot, main road and near amenities units are higher than inner lot.
  • House and Lot price will NOT be the same, as it varies and depends on lot orientation.
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Always verify all amounts in the computation with us if they are still available or not.

Palmerston North Actual Turn Over House Finishes

Floor  -plain cement on ground floor and second floor
Interior Walls  - CHB Cement plaster finish with three (3) coat of paint (white)
Exterior Walls  -CHB Cement plaster finish with three (3) coat of paint (white)
Windows  -Sliding windows
Ground Floor Ceiling  -Exposed T-joist with one(1) coat textured paint finish
Second Floor Ceiling  -Fiber cement board  (3) coat painted finish and toilet & bath
Toilet &Bathroom  -  With ceramic floor and wall tiles.  Complete with plumbing fixtures
Bedroom  - With bedroom partition at the second floor
Stairs -Steel with three (3) coat varnish finish wood planks with railings
Kitchen Counter -Ceramic tiles on the concrete base

Palmerston North Actual Turn-over Photos

Please take note that these are actual turn-over. Buyers are free hand, in improving their house exactly how they plan it to be.