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Matrix at Amaya Breeze - Pag-ibig Rent to Own Houses for Sale in Tanza Cavite

Pag-ibig Rent to Own Houses for Sale starting at Php 2M - Php 2.5M


  • Eto lang ang Pag-ibig housing na may complete finish turn-over
  • Guaranteed Flood Free (Located po kami sa Hill)
  • One bus ride from Coastal Mall or Zapote
  • Accessible (walking distance po sa Main Road)
  • Affordable (Starts at 11,591.00 po ang monthly cash-out)
  • Available thru Bank and Pag-ibig
  • Good Investment (15 mins to EPZA 2 and Rebisco)
  • 6 minutes lang to Puregold Tanza
  • All Granite Finish (We don't use TILES).
  • Malaking katipiran sa gastusin ng pag-improve
  • Lipat na lang kasi ready na ang bahay
  • Magandang paupahan investment kasi puedeng 18 mos. to pay ang DP
  • Reserve now for P5,000.00 only all units
  • Open House Daily
  • HLURB License to sell nos: 28337; 28338; 28339


  • Estimated at 4 months after full payment of Downpayment or Cashout.
  • Puede mag-spot cash ng downpayment para schedule agad gagawin ang bahay.



About Matrix

House Model Matrix
House Type Single Attached
House Turn-over Complete Finish
Village Name Amaya Breeze Townhouse
Condition: Brand New
Lot Area 65 square meter
Floor Area 75 square meter
Bedroom Provision 3
Toilet and Bath 1
Price Range Php 2M - Php 2.5M
Developer/Owner Maximo Paredes Sarte Realty and Development Corp.
Track Record
Address Amaya II, Tanza, Cavite 4108

Matrix Sample Computation

Applicant Housing Loan Qualification

  1. Gross salary (husband & wife) meet the required amount.
    If salary is not enough, just get a co-borrower.
  2. Must be legally married to husband or wife.
    If divorce or wedding is annulled, must submit documents as proof.
  3. Multi-purpose loan payment with Pagibig is updated.
  4. Must be a Pagibig member for 2 years.
    If not yet a member, just apply for membership in Pagibig office near you.
  5. Must have paid 24 months contribution.
    If contribution has not reach 24 mos, just pay the balance in lumpsum or one time payment in Pagibig office near you.
  6. Your age is between 21 – 65 yrs. old.
    Must check that loan maturity is up to 70 yrs old only.

Matrix Payment, Terms & Conditions

1. Reservation fee, downpayment or equity and pag-ibig amortization will not be paid at the same time.
2. You pay first the reservation fee.
3. Then start paying the monthly downpayment or equity 30 days after you reserve.
4. Pag-ibig amortization will only start, once your loan is taken-out by Pag-ibig. Usually this happens when you are about to move-in or transfer to the house.

1.  Available Financing  and Acceptable Payment Scheme:

  1. Pagibig  – Developer will process your loan with Pag-ibig
  2. Deferred Cash – maximum of 2 years to pay in equal monthly installment without interest.
  3. Cash

2.  Reservation Fee – is part of the Total Contract Price

  • Reservation fee of P5,000.  Non-refundable
  • Accept  Cash and Check only.

3.  Total Contract Price – includes water & Meralco connection & Misc. fees for documentation

4.  Required Downpayment  or Equity – DP or Equity are not refundable and not transferable

5.  Amortization Interest Rate & Terms  –  Amortization is not refundable and not transferable

  • Pagibig  –  Monthly amortization is computed at:
    • 7.9% per year.  Fixed rate for 3 yrs.
    • Amortization amount is subject to reprising after 3 years as per Pag-ibig policy.
    • Amortization amount does not include other fees such as MRI insurance, Pag-ibig monthly contribution, etc.
    • The exact monthly amortization will be determined during loan processing.
    • Maximum loan term is up to 30 yrs. for OFW and locally employed .

6.  Schedule of Payments

  • Reservation Fee – valid for 30 days
  • Start of Equity or DP  – 30 days after official reservation
  • Start of Monthly Amortization –
    • Pagibig Financing – after loan take-out by Pagibig
    • Deferred Cash – 30 days after reservation. 

7.  Discounts

  • Full payment of DP or Equity – No discount
  • Full payment of Total Contract Price (TCP) – No discount

8.  Other Fees to Pay Separately

  • Real Property Tax – to be paid one (1) month after loan take-out
    • Estimated Amount:  Php 1,000.00
    • Same amount for Pagibig, Inhouse, Cash Deferred or Cash Payment
  • Insurances –  Fire and Mortgage Redemption Insurance (MRI)
    • Pagibig  – Fire and MRI insurance will be determined during loan processing and will be added to the monthly amortization
  • Move-in Fees –  NO move-in fees.
  • Construction Bond Amount –  this is refundable.  To be paid 30 days before start of house improvement construction.  Refundable if there is no damage done after construction. The premium of the bond will be deducted.
    • Estimated Amount:  Php 25,000.00 for single houses

9.  When can Buyer move-in?

  • Pagibig Financing – Buyers are allowed to move-in only after full equity payment & loan released.

10.  Required Documents During Reservation – No Documents,  No Reservation

  • Locally Employed -  2 Valid Government issued  ID and  Latest one (1) month payslip
  • OFW -  2 Valid ID & Job Contract or Latest one (1) month payslip
  • Self-Employed – 2  Valid IDs and Latest financial Statement

11.  Schedule of House Construction  -  ongoing

12.  Restrictions on House Improvement  - Buyer must submit sketches of house improvement to Developer’s office for approval.  No deletion on any part of the house is allowed.

13.  Prices of house and lot are not always the same.

  • Price of end unit, corner lot, main road and near amenities units are higher than inner lot.
  • House and Lot price will NOT be the same, as it varies and depends on lot orientation.
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Always verify all amounts in the computation with us if they are still available or not.

Matrix Floor Plan

Matrix Actual Turn Over House Finishes

  • House Structure  -  Reinforced Concrete
  • Flooring  -  Granite tiles
  • Wall Partition – With wall partition.
  • Roofing  -  Pre-painted long span on c-purlins
  • Walls  -  Concrete hallow blocks with plastered finish.
  • Windows  -  Sliding windows.  Rear-jalousie
  • Ceiling   -  Metal framing with ceiling board (EXTERIOR ONLY)
  • Paintings  -  Front exterior walls and ceiling eaves
  • Toilet & Bath Finishes:
    • Painted finish on walls with floor tiles
    • Manual type water closet
    • Faucet
  • Bedroom  - With bedroom partition at the second floor
  • Stairs  -  Concrete stairways with steel handrail.
  • Kitchen Counter  -  Concrete base
  • Plumbing  -  Rough-ins, fixtures, kitchen sink
  • Doors:
    • Panel with steel door jam for main
    • Flush type with steel door jam for service
    • PVC door w/louver for toilet   bath
    • Others  -  Septic tank, drain pipes and catch basin

Matrix Actual Turn-over Photos

Please take note that these are actual turn-over. Buyers are free hand, in improving their house exactly how they plan it to be.

Amaya Breeze Townhouse Google Map

Amaya Breeze Townhouse Master Plan

Amaya Breeze Townhouse Location Map

How to Reach Amaya Breeze Townhouse

Route  1: From Baclaran

  • Ride bus  with signboard Naic or Ternate or Maragondon
  • Get off at Casa Nueva Arc along Antero highway.
  • Walk or take tricycle going to Amaya Breeze Subdivision

Learn more about Amaya Breeze Subdivision, where your new life begins. Allow us to help you find the home you dream for your family. As starter, tripping vehicle, viewing assistance and computation request is FREE and No Charge. Get your schedule now by emailing:  Or call or text us at  (+63) 908 884 7387 (Smart) / (+63) 917 530 5817 (Globe)

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Learn more about Matrix. Allow us to help you find the home you dream for your family. And as starter, tripping vehicle, viewing assistance and computation request is FREE and No Charge. Get your schedule now by emailing:  Or call or text us at +63 908 884 7387 (Smart) / +63 917 530 5817 (Globe)

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