Benefits Of A Pag ibig Membership

What Are The Benefits Of Pag ibig Membership?

A member will have the following benefits:

  1. Housing Loan Programs
  2. Provident Savings  – Savings
  3. Short Term Loans  – Calamity Fund & Multi-purpose loans

Top Reasons Why You Should Join Pag ibig Fund

  • Every Filipino is encouraged to join and be a member of Pag ibig Fund because because it is a type of Mutual Fund where your money would grow higher than other investment facilities like savings.  Right now annual growth interest rate of Pag ibig Fund is 4% per annum.
  • Pag ibig Fund helps in realizing every Filipinos dream because it caters housing loans and financing with lower rates than regular banks.
  • Pag ibig Fund’s monthly contributions is cheaper than other types of Mutual Funds.
  • Pag ibig Fund is supported by the Government, so it won’t likely go bankrupt.
  • There are a lot of investors who rely on Mutual Funds to grow their millions.
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